India got her independence on Aug 15th 1947. So, to celebrate that, since I am in India still,

Starting from now until 7 PM Eastern time Aug 15th (19:00 hours),

You can have access to Shanthi’s personal coaching time for just $47 an hour (Usually it is $497 for 4 hours of coaching).


You can book as many hours as you like.


You can use it for any of the following:

  • Working on your personal diet plan
  • Enhancing your energy level
  • Weight Loss
  • Relief from aches and pain
  • Better sleep
  •  Learning Sanskrit pronunciation
  • Learning simple chants
  • Gaining more inner peace
  • Improving relationships
  • Building self-confidence
  •  Furthering your spiritual growth
  • And much more…

You choose how you want Shanthi to help you.


Since this is an awesome deal, it is limited to just 10 people.


If you want to be one of the 10 people, click below and choose the number of hours you are interested in. There are just 4 options from 1 hour to 4 hours. You can make combinations to get more hours. For example, to get 6 hours, you can choose 4 hours and 2 hours.

Please limit it to 16 hours.


NOTE 1: The hours have to be used up by December 15th 2015. Keep that in mind while buying hours.

NOTE 2: You can use these hours however you want. 2 hours at a time, 4 hours at a time, 6 hours at a time or 8 hours at a time.

NOTE 3: You can use them in person or over Skype or over phone.

Number of hours booked