3 Best Yoga Practices To Heal The Tired Body, To Calm The Racing Mind and Renew  The Chaotic Brain in Just a Few Minutes

Using "The Ultimate Relaxation Blueprint"  Training 

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What is "The Ultimate Relaxation Blueprint"?

The Ultimate Relaxation Blueprint” is a multimedia training to help you practice relaxation when you feel tensed in body, mind or brain. The training will also help you to stay in a relaxed state for more time in your life and reduce the occasions when you feel tensed.

The blueprint comprises 6 strategies to total relaxation. They are:

  1. Visualization
  2. Deep Mind-Body Relaxation
  3. Breath-Movement Synchronization
  4. Transmigration
  5. Affirmation
  6. Breath Observation

These strategies are based on 3 untold ancient secrets to relaxation.



What are the Benefits of the Training?

  • Relieves Mind-Body Stress

    As Relaxation Loosens Up Body & Mind

  • Releases Body Aches and Pain

    As Tension is the Cause of Aches & Pain

  • Improves Health

    As Tension is Unnatural to the Body

  • Rejuvenates brain

    As Relaxation Removes Chaos & Confusion 

  • Promotes Longevity

    As Relaxation Slows Down Breathing

  • Makes you Feel Youthful

    As Tension is the Cause of Fast Aging


What does the Multimedia training include?

The Multimedia training includes a Welcome Guide, 6 Modules corresponding to the 6 strategies , their corresponding 6 Audios and a User Guide .

Module 1: “Visualization"

In this module, you will be guided into relaxing your body parts and the mind through visualizing.

This is a video of the natural waterfalls and the soothing voice of Shanthi will be guiding you into relaxation, as you visualize yourself being there..

You can use this anytime you feel tired, dull or tensed. It takes just 2 minutes of your time. In fact, you can begin your day with this.

This is also a centering practice and can be used as a mini meditation prior to Yoga practice.

You will also receive the MP3 audio to do anywhere anytime.



Module 2: Deep Mind-Body Relaxation

In this module, you will be guided into deep relaxation of every part of your body and then your mind, as you are lying down, by the soothing voice of Shanthi

This video is shot in a park, with lot of trees and chirping of the birds.

You are trained in this video how to lie down and how to get up from the lying down position the right way.

You can use this strategy anytime you feel tired, or you have pain in the leg. This practice takes 10 minutes.

In fact, you can wind down your day with this practice.

This is also a practice Yoga students can use, to end their session.

You will receive the Audio MP3 to practice anywhere, any time.



Video 3: “Appreciate” Proper Breathing Benefits & Application

In this video, you will learn:

1. To appreciate how breathing the right way benefits your body, mind and intellect. This will be a motivation for you to practice it on a regular basis.

2. How exactly you can practice this anywhere, anytime in just 1 minute or under. This is not usually taught anywhere. Hundreds of my students rave about the tips in this video alone.


Bonus 1:

Report: 10 Keys to Success Through Breath

10 keys to success himalayas 3d

In this report, you will learn: How proper breathing impacts other areas of your personal and work life for success. We talk about TRUE success at physical, mental, intellectual, social and spiritual levels. It is not just financial success. This report will motivate you to practice proper breathing every day, because you will be convinced of lot more benefits you can get out of it. Basically, you’ll learn everything about breath and its impact on your entire self.


Bonus 2:

Lifetime updates to the videos

Lifetime updates

Any modifications and upgrades to the 3 videos will be given to you at NO ADDITIONAL charge, because you should always have access to the best and the latest.


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Learn the right breathing method, apply it as outlined, and see the benefit for yourself. If you are NOT 100% happy with the program, just let us know. We will return every penny back. No questions asked. If you are NOT happy, we are NOT happy.

Of course you get to keep the program and the 2 bonuses. It is all yours for just trying the program.

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