Leadership Through Art (Become a Hero)


What is "Become a Hero"?

Imagine what it would be like to visualize oneself as a hero !


Imagine sharing one's understanding of hero qualities in a group !


Imagine feeling the confidence and possibility of becoming a hero !


Imagine experiencing the emergence of the hero within, through movement!


All these and much more beyond your imagination is the "Become a Hero" workshop using Discussion, Indian Dance and Mudras 


What to expect in the "Become a Hero" workshop?

 The workshop has 2 parts:


Part 1: Discussion 


  1. Who do you think is a hero?

  2. What qualities make you think he/she is a hero?

  3. Do you think you are a hero? If “Yes” why? If “No” why?

  4. Like a seed that becomes a tree, everyone can shine like a hero.

  5. What does the seed need to become a tree?

  6. Mind-Body training like Yoga or Dance can help you become a hero



Part 2: Ultimate Story Experience


We dance out a vivid story called “Lion or Sheep?” A lion cub “Simha” gets lost in a forest and strays into a land full of sheep. He joins them and grows up like a sheep until one day he is made to know his power through another lion.