Folk Dance with Sticks


What is "Folk Dance with Sticks"?

It is part of celebration of Indian Festivals. It is done both in South India and North India in different styles.


Dancers hold either 1 stick or 2 sticks and create unique patterns and movements. 


Beautiful sound is created when 2 sticks meet.


Instead of sticks, dancers can produce the same effect through clapping too.


What are the benefits of "Folk Dance with Sticks"?

  • It develops team work as they have to work in unison to create a harmonious dance

  • Meeting of the sticks with that of the partner or the group creates social bonding 

  • It develops fine motor skills and sense of rhythm because the sticks have to create the sound at the precise time

  • It is graceful movement that appeals to aesthetic sense 

  • It brings out the creativity, because, from the basic steps, we can get creative and make it as complex as desired

  • It teaches about the culture of another country. 

  • It trains one to be highly focused to maintain the beats