Indian Life-Style

Imagine experiencing a culture with your whole body!


Imagine using all sensory organs to understand a country !


Imagine learning the health benefits of a country's diet !


Imagine a child feeling healed and expanded after one hour !


All these and much more beyond your imagination is the Indian Life-Style workshop 


What is Indian Life-Style?

In this workshop, you not only understand the country of India theoretically, but also in an interactive manner using the 5 sense organs.

There are many activities that can be considered for this workshop.

See below for a sample combination of activities...


What can you expect in this workshop?

  • Intro to India using Indian map

  • Repeating sounds of Sanskrit alphabets

  • Watching a demo of India clothing & sari wrapping

  • Students & faculty trying on the sari 

  • Practicing some Mudras and a Yoga posture

  • Science behind Traditions, Festivals & Divine forms

  • Questions and Answers

NOTE: Many other activities like Partner Henna, Games, Food, and Dance can become part of this workshop.This is a workshop you can completely customize.