Hasta Mudra - Hand Gestures

Imagine moving every finger joint to create beautiful patterns !


Imagine activating the nerves, organs and brain by joining certain fingers !


Imagine learning the sounds of an ancient language called "Sanskrit" while doing the gestures !


Imagine preventing arthritis by making your fingers flexible !


All these and much more beyond your imagination is the creation of Hasta Mudra or Hand Gestures using your fingers


What is Hasta Mudra - Hand Gestures?

It is using the fingers in a very unique way to depict objects, actions and emotions.


There are 24 Mudras using single hand ie. 5 fingers and these are called "Asamyuta Hasta". Asamyuta means "Not joined" ie. Single hand.


What are the benefits of practicing Mudras?

  • Mudras can be used for healing certain ailments, and is a whole science by itself called “Mudra Therapy”.

  • You can improve and maintain good health through regular practice of Mudras.

  • By pressing into certain parts of the fingers or bending at certain joints you activate the nervous system.

  • Thus you not only heal the body but also calm the mind and improve focus through Mudra practice.