Plans and Pricing

  • Age Group

    The workshops can be made appropriate for age groups from 3 years to high school

  • Space Constraint

    The workshops can be made to work even if the students have to stay seated

  • Participant Size

    The workshops can be made to work for any number of participants if there is proper sound system.

  • Availability

    Available Monday to Sunday till August 2019

  • Contact Details


    Shanthi Yogini


  • Investment (Cost)


    • Your investment for Shanthi’s workshops varies based on the nature of the workshop and the number of hours needed from her.

    • Subsequent hours in the same school are discounted.

    • Shanthi can be hired for 1.25 hours, 1.5 hours etc. in increments of 15 minutes.

    • Minimum of 1 hour booking is required.

    • Incentive for 2 nearby schools on the same day :  Each of the 2 schools gets a discount