Rangavalli Yoga-Art 

Imagine creating designs using just your fingers and flour!


Imagine creating geometric shapes freehand !


Imagine going to a meditative state through art !


Imagine improving your focus & brain power through a design !


All these and much more beyond your imagination is the Indian Rangavalli Yoga-Art 


What is "Rangavalli Yoga-Art"?

Rangavalli is a beautiful holistic art developed in South India more than 3000 years ago.


Traditionally, the woman of the house begins her day with this creative art in front of her home and decorates the floor with simple and beautiful designs of Rangavalli, using rice flour.


Rice flour is pinched between the thumb and finger and is allowed to drop while moving the hand continuously to form straight lines. These lead to creation of great designs.


The designs are symmetrical and geometrical. It is freehand drawing, because, you don’t use rulers or other objects to guide you to create the patterns. So it requires you to stay in the present and focus to complete the pattern.


It is meant primarily to feed the ants and small critters. So it develops compassion in you and expands your circle to not just include humans but non-humans too.


How long will this activity take?

This activity can range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Based on the time, the participants can try 2 or 3 patterns.

In addition, they can learn the Yoga posture, which is actually the position that is used while drawing the patterns.

It can be done both indoors and outdoors.


What are the benefits of "Rangavalli Yoga-Art"?

  • It is practical Math, because, Mathematical floor designs include straight lines, parallel lines, perpendicular lines, semi circles, circles, rectangles, squares, rectangles etc.

  • It develops fine motor skills because the rice flour has to be held between fingers and it must be allowed to drop methodically to form straight lines & patterns.

  • It is freehand drawing, because, you don’t use rulers or other objects to guide you to create the patterns 

  • It brings out the creativity in you, because, from the basic pattern, you can get creative and make it as complex as you like

  • It teaches you the science of symmetry and reflection, because, one side of the Rangavalli is symmetrical to the other side. 

  • It trains you to be highly focused to maintain the symmetry