Ultimate Story Experience

Imagine experiencing a story with your whole body!


Imagine becoming the various characters in a story !


Imagine releasing all your emotions through a story !


Imagine feeling healed through a story !


All these and much more beyond your imagination is the ULTIMATE Story Experience using Indian Yoga and Dance by Shanthi


What is ULTIMATE Story Experience?

You may have heard the story…..Seen the story being acted out…..

You may have even participated in parts of the story…..


But Ultimate Story-Experience using Yoga and Dance by Shanthi

is taking the art of storytelling to new heights


The audiences are not merely listeners or viewers here

With occasional singing, or hand clapping or feet tapping

or answering questions  or acting or volunteering….


The audiences are a powerful force behind the story,

repeating every word of the story, using Indian “Bharatanatyam” dance moves,

embellishing it with all aspects of authentic Indian Yoga…


The audiences experience the story like never before,

totally on their feet, using every limb, every finger, every facial muscle,

they develop coordination, balance, fine motor skills and focus….


During the story they meditate, practice breathing techniques,

Do Yoga postures, talk about health, sing songs about life,

holistic in every possible way….


Learning posture names in an ancient Indian language “Sanskrit”

they broaden the linguistic skills with a brilliant training for the mind….


It is a three dimensional experience where

they hear, see, narrate, feel, understand, express and experience the story….


Challenging themselves to keep pace with the movements and gestures

they create a mood of vibrancy, energy and enthusiasm….


Transforming briefly into objects, creatures, animals and birds,

they become more connected to all that exist in the universe….


It is engaging, exercising, educational, yet entertaining

not just for kids or teens, but for adults too….


Physically stretching, Emotionally calming, Intellectually stimulating,

Academically enriching, Socially bonding, and Spiritually elevating,

It can’t get any better…

It is indeed the HOLISTIC and the ULTIMATE Story Experience


What are the benefits of ULTIMATE Story Experience?

  • Fun & Movement by turning into objects & animals in nature

  • Team building through working with partners & in groups

  • Holistic as it includes Meditation, Breathing techniques, Singing and Healthy eating

  • Enhance Creativity and Focus

  • Manage Anger and Stress