Personal Integrity Through Art (Walk The Talk)


What is Walk The Talk?

Imagine learning a value using your whole body!


Imagine learning to become aware of your shortcomings in a fun way !


Imagine experiencing the concept of walking your talk through movement !


Imagine a child committing to be true to his/her word in a group !


All these and much more beyond your imagination is the Walk Your Talk workshop using Discussion, Indian Dance and Mudras 


What to expect in the Walk The Talk workshop?

  1. Discuss what "Walk The Talk" means

  2. Students tell examples of when they do not walk the talk in daily life

  3. Discussion on what prevents us from walking the talk

  4. Shanthi explains how Yoga & Indian dance help in walking the talk

  5. Shanthi demonstrates a dance 

  6. Students practice sentences and feelings through Mudras and facial expressions

  7. Students volunteer to commit to walking the talk in certain areas of their lives


"What was said about integrity and being genuine resonated with me deeply, as I value what is within to how I speak--for, that is the true application of Walk the Talk"

- Rose (9th Grade), Lincoln School

"I found the way words are presented through dance and the different Indian dance forms beautiful"

- Ivana (9th Grade), Lincoln School