Wellness Workshop

If you are celebrating a Wellness Event, or looking for a workshop for a Health and Wellness club, this is the perfect workshop.


You can choose wellness through Indian Yoga-Dance which includes a combination of Yoga poses and dance steps, or you may go with the traditional Yoga, breath and meditation.


What is "Yoga, Breath and Meditation"?

Imagine kids learning to relax through meditation !


Imagine learning authentic Indian Yoga in its pristine and purest form !


Imagine feeling confident to practice a few poses at home  !


Imagine learning to breathe right and vastly improve mental & physical health!


All these and much more beyond your imagination is the "Yoga, Breath and Meditation" workshop .


NOTE 1: Even if the students can only sit or stand in one place, this can be done

NOTE 2: Only students who remove shoes can participate in this workshop.

NOTE 3: Only students who remove shoes & socks can participate in jogging and balancing postures.


What to expect in "Yoga, Breath & Meditation" ?

 The workshop has many parts:


Part 1: Discussion - What Yoga REALLY means

Part 2: Short Meditation - To focus and calm down

Part 3: Warm up Yogic Exercises and Jogging

Part 4: Yoga Postures

Part 5: Proper Breathing Technique

Part 6: Deep Relaxation