Yoga, Breath and Meditation


What is "Yoga, Breath and Meditation"?

Imagine kids learning to relax through meditation !


Imagine learning Yoga in its pristine and purest form !


Imagine feeling confident to practice a few poses at home  !


Imagine learning how to breathe right and vastly improve your health!


All these and much more beyond your imagination is the "Yoga, Breath and Meditation" workshop .


NOTE 1: Even if the students can only sit or stand in one place, this can be done

NOTE 2: Shoes must be absolutely removed for this workshop.

NOTE 3: If socks can be removed, jogging and balancing postures can be done. Otherwise they'll be omitted.


What to expect in "Yoga, Breath & Meditation" ?

 The workshop has many parts:


Part 1: Discussion - What Yoga REALLY means

Part 2: Short Meditation - To focus and calm down

Part 3: Warm up Yogic Exercises and Jogging

Part 4: Yoga Postures

Part 5: Proper Breathing Technique

Part 6: Deep Relaxation